A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

DEVELOPED BY MBullGames - Mattabulous, Spitzy and Ectho

In Belated, you must venture through the caverns to venture for the lost ring so you can finally propose to the one you love so dearly!


Traverse your way across precarious platforms!


Whilst you make your way along the world, you will encounter many different enemies!


Your co-ordination skills have lied to you; forcing you to drop the ring into the unknown. Find the ring, so you can marry your beloved girlfriend.


Belated (Post Jam).zip 29 MB
Belated MAC.zip 48 MB

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Can you please do a Mac build?


Of course! The build will be out tomorrow by 7PM BST! Sorry for forgetting!

Hey man: deeply apologise for the delay, I was so busy and completely forgot! It's now available for download :D